Welcome to Sagestone!  We provide counseling and therapeutic services including: mental and behavioral health counseling, addiction counseling, life coaching, family and relationship help, leadership training, skills development,  ADHD support, individual and group services. We respect and acknowledge the vital aspects of your life and take a “whole you” approach to our work. We use empathy, compassion, and curiosity to better understand you and your needs.  We listen. We share our experience, “know how”, and provide you with a thought-provoking, substantive, and practical process to maximize your potential - at home, at work, and in the world at large.  We can assist you with becoming “unstuck”, goal setting, skill building, communication, and leadership.We strive to bring quality services to our community and neighbors. (for professional and contract services please see services tab above).


Our holistic approach engages the whole person within their inter- and intra- personal context - meeting them where they intersect with self and others. We strive to honor their story and their being, in the context of their way of living.


For our clients, this means providing support that fosters safety, curiosity, and growth.  We define safety as freedom from purposeful aggression, acceptance without judgement, and active engagement in our work. We meet you where you are, with empathy, in the here and now, allowing you to experience grounded vulnerability, presence, and acceptance, as you expand your way of being to embody inner peace, balance, and empowerment.


For our community, this means meaningfully engaging the systems that provide for our clients, collaborating with other professionals, advocating for our clients’ needs, and providing professional education and consultation. We believe in engaging our differences, in an effort to create authentic transformation,through the use of shared resources, harnessing the energy of our community.         


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Sagestone - We Are
Together,  Greta Enriquez, MA and Tamara Liaschenko, MA are Sagestone, LLC.
Our Approach
We respect and acknowledge the vital aspects of your life and take a “whole you” approach to our work. We use empathy, compassion, and curiosity to better understand you and your needs. Our approach to practice and to life can be summed up in the words of the poet Kahlil Gibran, "No human relation gives one possession in another—every two souls are absolutely different. In friendship or in love, the two side by side raise hands together to find what one cannot reach alone."
Greta holds an MA in Psychology and Counseling and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies. Please see Our Staff for more information.
Tamara holds an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is an associate licensed clinical addictions specialist. Please see Our Staff for more information.
Creating New Paths
working to support you in pursuit of your specific goals
using tools and awareness to help you achieve a greater sense of life balance
assisting your journey toward personal growth
grounding at the liminal space
Feeling Resistance
supporting you when you feel pulled in multiple directions - both internally and externally
Self Care
helping you remember the importance of you
Leaving a Mark
mentoring, peer support, and appreciation of the personal qualities you bring to the world
Coaching you to embrace your inner light

Please note - Life Coaching is not counseling.  When acting as life coaches we do not practice counseling, nor do we diagnose or treat mental health issues.  Where appropriate we will work to collaborate with your existing providers.


8101B Emerald Drive

(2nd floor)

Emerald Isle, NC 28594

252 515 0557

Fax: 252 376 1473

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