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Intensive Therapy Retreats

Grounded ~ Healing ~ Holistic ~ Collaborative ~ Follow Up

We are a small private practice that offers therapeutic retreats and we think we are a little different.


Our specialty is our unique combination of experience and expertise that contributes to Sagestone’s grounded holistic approach.  Everything we do is driven by integrating our knowledge and skill with the client, giving them a framework to explore themselves, their experience, and make positive life change.


A Therapeutic Retreat, or Intensive, can be an alternative to weekly therapy, or an adjunct to regular therapy. Offered in individual, couple, family or group formats, Therapeutic Retreats often create a more integrated experience that allows you to engage in the things that matter most “away from it all,” returning to your home with new skills.

Our strong clinical foundation, our collaboration, and our grounded, authentic approach allows us to meet individuals and families where they are, work with them to develop the skills for their well being and growth.  So often our clients come in without knowing they are the experts in their own needs. We develop skills that work for the specific situation and needs identified by the individual attendees and help them uncover, translate if you will, by word and behavior, needs, wants, boundaries, and connection.


We see our role as providing the connecting pieces - a joining at our liminal spaces - in a non-clinical environment backed by solid clinical training and finesse.


We provide space, and a unique set of skills for what we call “family”, which we define as traditional couples, parents with children, co-habitants, partners, and take a broader view that includes adult children at home, blended families and self-identified groups.


Our model is flexible and as such it allows us to meet the needs of

  • a family contemplating a residential placement, or

  • it may serve to provide parallel process to families of individuals already in treatment.  

  • For clients transitioning from treatment, our services can provide a segue to reintegration and might provide parallel process for the family, integrated process of family and identified patient, or just serve the client transitioning from an in patient setting.

  • individual family members, siblings, or

  • intensive therapeutic services for an identified patient.


  • addressing commitment, forgiveness, and joy in your life

  • resolving conflict

  • setting and holding effective and supportive boundaries

  • strengthening communication and intimacy

  • developing practical next steps to bring balance and congruence into everyday life 

  • determining what you need to live a grounded, holistic life- the one you want

  • taking a deeper look at trauma patterns, codependency, and relationships, and how these patterns affect long term happiness and balance 

  • improving parenting skills and improving flexibility in family roles

  • using an integrative approach, incorporating a variety of modalities (i.e. meditation, labyrinth) that work for you

The client comes first, and their specific needs are paramount to the therapeutic process and facilitate an evolving dynamic of improved authentic communication as part of loving relationships - how family members relate to one another, how they share, how they set boundaries, and demonstrate love and intimacy.


Every individualized curriculum includes developing an action plan and follow up coaching for when you return home and begin to implement the new skills and insights gained in this intensive process (see below for details).


Whether family, couple, group or corporate, we work with you to gain insight into personal mental, emotional, and behavioral habits that impede growth and healing. Sometimes these patterns present themselves as unresolved problems within the relational or group dynamic; sometimes as fear or anger when confronted with change or novel situations. We help you identify those patterns, understand the role of defenses and resistances, foster skills that enable you to move more confidently through fear to a place of supported and empowered vulnerability. Throughout the intensive process, it is your awareness, trust, and understanding that leads us in assisting you in choosing, changing, and challenging the you you are for the you you want to be.


From first contact, through planning, we support you throughout the intensive entire process. In the months that follow your work with us, we continue to provide that same support, through follow-up phone, email, and video conferencing, so that your individualized action plan grows and evolves with you. For three months post treatment:

  • We will assist you with finding local resources on the ground in your community

  • We collaborate with your existing and/or new clinical services

  • Help you engage the information you need to continue healing and building skills.

  • Provide -first weekly, then monthly - coaching via Video Chat, Email, Text, and Phone support for 3 months post-treatment

  • Schedule and coordinate (for groups) live video chats, for ongoing community support.


Most of our retreats are 4 days of therapeutic experience where the client(s) - be it families, individuals, or groups - receive traditional, experiential, expressive, and psycho-educational interventions, while enjoying the serenity of a small beach community.


You stay in a home near the ocean, work with us during the day, and enjoy the catharsis of the ocean in the evening, from your temporary home. 


We work by email, phone and video conferencing prior to your stay to create a plan that maximizes your time with us. We create a curriculum that utilizes techniques that work best with your learning style, incorporates skills and tools to heal your issues, and helps you establish goals to keep your growth on track.

Costs vary as our retreats are specifically tailored to the group or family as customized

arrangements for your stay are available. Costs may differ for local families not requiring

housing and meals. Four day retreats begin after arrival in the evening, continue over

three days and conclude the morning of your departure day.

Actual times and arrival days may vary by curricular need.  
Accommodations for group retreats may include room sharing and groups require a

minimum number of attendees.

Please inquire if you would like more information.


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