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Relationships - all configurations.

Families - all family structures

Teams, offices, and groups 


Outpatient counseling Tuesday - Friday by appointment

Calls and Messages are returned Tuesday - Friday between 10 and 4.

Existing clients - contact your clinician directly off hours

Intensives and Specialty sessions - by appointment.


-Through empiracally based practices that are supportive of healing, -growth, and fuctionality. 

-In person and virtually.

-Modalities and interventions depend on what you and your clinician decide will best serve your healing process. Each clinician has been trained in a foundational therapy and has experience in interventions from other forms of therapy. Some of our offerings and a brief (very non-clinical) description:

Gestalt Therapy - What’s in focus today? Or not?

Experiential Therapy - How are we going to move through the problem in 3D?

Cognitive Behavioral - What are you thinking and is it effective?

Dialectic Behavioral -  Choices? Different Perspectives? What?

Emotionally Focused Therapy - Attachment issues? 

Motivational Interviewing  - What do you mean? (All the questions)

Narrative Therapy  - What story are you telling yourself?

Expressive Arts Therapy Interventions - Paint it? Drum it? Dance it?

Bodywork/Transforming Touch/Intention - What does your body tell you about your healing?

Mindful Practice - Can you sit still? What happens when you do? How can you connect to your parts

Internal Family System - Are your parts talking to one another?

Solution Focused Therapy - What is the exception?

Strategic Family Systems - Are there dynamic and creative solutions?


Mental Health Counseling

Skills Development

Recovery Counseling

Career Counseling

Life Coaching

Intensive Therapy Retreats

Group Therapy


Post Traumatic Stress                     Neurodiversity

Life-stage Changes                          Grief and Loss

Relationship Dysfunction           Codependency

Long term addiction recovery    Adjustment disorders

Survivors of violence                     LGBTQ+ Issues

Recovery from trauma and stress

Balance is not something you find,
it's something you create.   


-Jana Kingsford

'You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it'

— Ain Eineziz

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